Sleepless with sniffles: A bedtime story for kids with colds

Looks like a nasty cold has got you all upset. Your nose is running and the tissues are all wet. You feel a tickle in your throat and your nostrils are blocked. Or you’re sneezing out loud every time you talk. Seems like it’s no fun playing with friends. And now you’re coughing at night, holding your chest. What did you ever do to deserve this punishment? Don’t worry, don’t stress. All you need to do is follow these steps, if you’ve had a rough day they will help you rest.

Before you go to bed, honey will help
Pour two teaspoons of honey into a glassful of water and drink it all up. Do this 30 minutes before bed and it can calm that cough. Best of all, it tastes sweet and is easy to swallow. Rest assured at night, you won’t have to cry or wallow.

Fluids should do it
When it comes to fighting colds and coughs, fluids are a must. If you’re down with a sore throat or a stuffy nose, it’s water you can trust. Also, all that coughing and sneezing will dehydrate you. And make you breathe through your mouth. If you keep your throat moist with fluids, it will help you no doubt.

A little humidity works wonders
Turns out water has great super powers. Before you hit the bed take a nice warm shower. It will help relax your nerves and loosen that phlegm. You’ll soon realise that it’s better out than in. Another thing mom can do, is put a humidifier in your room. The moisture it brings will keep your throat comfy, and ease your congestion soon.

Hold your head up, even when you sleep
One way you can feel better is by sleeping right. If you keep your head elevated you won’t stay up all night. Keep two pillows under your head. Or a rolled up towel too. Ask your mother how. She’ll know what to do. You’ll be slightly surprised, even relieved to note, how it keeps phlegm from trickling down your throat.

Ask for a hug, or a hug in a mug
Sickness can leave you pretty scared. But fear not, as long as your parents are there. Let them comfort you with lots of hugs. Sometimes they’re known to work better than medicines and drugs. And if you’re feeling poorly, slurp up grandma’s piping hot soup. The nutrients in it will fight your infections, and soon enough your eyes will start to droop.

Would you believe it? Your body fights infections best when you sleep. So getting plenty of rest is the remedy you need.

We hope this bedtime story was as helpful as it was comforting. If an ongoing cold or cough is keeping your child up at night, you might want to look through Eugica’s safe, clinically-proven herbal remedies. You’ll find effective, easy to consume formulations for children of different ages. However if their symptoms persist beyond a week, with increased temperatures, unusual symptoms and breathing difficulty, it’s best to speak to your healthcare provider immediately.

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