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When cold symptoms first appear, the priority is to eliminate them as soon as possible. And our instinct immediately urges us brew ourselves a hot cup of ginger or turmeric tea in an attempt to make ourselves feel better.

Numerous all-natural remedies exist, but we don’t typically use them because we can’t see immediate results. As an additional deterrent, these remedies can be tricky to concoct. This is why people resort to antibiotics assuming it is an effective solution.

Are antibiotics any good?

Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections, whereas most coughs and colds are viral. Taking them when your symptoms aren’t bacterial can lead to complications.

Overusing and misusing antibiotics causes bacteria to change, making it harder for medicines to kill them. This is known as antibiotic resistance. They also do nothing to treat sinus congestion, which can make breathing and sleeping difficult.

This is why we recommend safe and effective remedies like Eugica, for those pesky cold and cough symptoms.

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Natural cough and cold remedies

Eugica’s all-natural range of products for cough and cold combine natural herbs and soothing botanicals along with clinically proven formulations to effectively target symptoms. The ingredients in these products are safe, non-habit forming, and effective without having any side effects.

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Common causes of cough and cold

A cough and cold may come about for different reasons, and each may feel different. Learn how you can treat or reduce your symptoms the natural way with Eugica.

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