Eugica Ivy Syrup

It is a safe, natural remedy containing a highly studied medicinal herb Hedera helix that helps resolve cough and phlegm. It can be used in people of all ages, right from children over 2 years of age to the elderly.

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EUGICA IVY SYRUP is a unique and tasty formulation containing Hedera helix (Ivy leaf extract).. It is useful in controlling and managing conditions in which there is hypersecretion of viscous mucous, and also exerts anti-microbial activity thereby, helping to treat the root cause of cough. As per the clinical study, effectiveness of Ivy leaf preparations for productive cough is not less than ambroxol and acetylcystine. It is fast acting and safe and can be used in children over 2 years old and even the elderly. It has a unique honey flavor and is sugar free, alcohol free and does not
have any artificial color.


Each 5 ml contains – Ivy leaf extract 38.47 mg.


Coughs , particularly associated with hyper secretion of viscous mucus
As adjuvant treatment of inflammatory bronchial disease
Loosens mucus and relieves coughing


Children under 2 years – physicians recommendation
Children 2- 4 – 2.5 ml X 3 times daily
Children 4-12 – 5 ml X3 times daily
Children above 12 and adults – 7.5 ml X 3 times daily


Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Ukraine, Zambia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

EUGICA IVY SYRUP is a 100% safe natural remedy containing Ivy Leaf extract 38.47 mg /5 ml equivalent to dried Ivy (Hedera Helix ) 225 mg.
EUGICA IVY SYRUP is used to provide relief from cough, particularly associated with hypersecretion of viscous mucus. It helps to loosens mucus and relieves cough. It is also used as an adjuvant therapy to inflammatory bronchial disease. It is Alcohol free, sugar free and does not contain artificial color.
For children 2-4 yrs – 2.5 ml , 2-3 times a day, for Children 4-12 yrs – 5ml , 2-3 times a day, For Adults and Children above 12 yrs – 5- 7.5 ml , 2-3 times day.
Yes. It is safe to give EUGICA IVY SYRUP to children above 2 years of age. It is a natural, herbal formulation that helps to ease coughing and dilute mucous with no reported side effects.
Yes. Hypersecretion of mucous can lead to build-up of phlegm in the lungs and upper respiratory tract leading to strained breathing and cough. This mucous can be thick and viscous, causing you to strain excessively while coughing to clear the airways. EUGICA IVY SYRUP can help to dilute mucous and enable easy expectoration, thereby reducing strain during cough and allows you to breathe better.
There are insufficient studies on the safety of EUGUCA IVY SYRUP in pregnant and lactating women. Please consult your doctor before using EUGICA IVY SYRUP in such cases.
There are no reported side effects from using EUGICA IVY SYRUP as recommended.
EUGICA IVY SYRUP can help dilute mucus and improve expectoration during cough in productive cough conditions.
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